ㅁ (M)Oil on canvas 202236"x36"
Two MothersAcrylic on canvas202224"x38"Private collection
Self Portrait with Old HomeOil on canvas 202224"x30" Private collection
Call Her GreenAcrylic on canvas202136"x30" 
Ocean in a BathtubOil on canvas202116"x20
COVID-2020Oil on canvas202024"x30" 
Goodwill HatOil on canvas202016"x20"
Guerrisol JacketOil on canvas202016"x20"
ModiglimommyOil on canvas2020
Private collection
Cooper in SunsetOil on canvas202016"x20"
Private collection
Dad readingOil on canvas201718"x24"
Private collection
My eyes/Your eyesOil on canvas2018
Private collection
Turquoise GlassesOil on canvas201816"x20"
DownsideOil on panel202024"x48"
Private collection
Sienna and BlueOil on canvas201830"x40"Private collection
Passing ThroughOil on canvas201718"x24"Private collection
Dasie and WaxmellOil on canvas201824"x16"
Private collection
Nora and BeanAcrylic on canvas202136"x30" Private collection
Born on Strange SoilOil on canvas202111"x14
Juliette, Glasha, CabiriaOil on canvas202011"x16" eachPrivate collection
Earth SmellsOil on canvas201848"x48"Private collection
Hell SmellsOil on canvas201830"x24"
Private collection
Adam as TemptressOil on canvas202120"x24Private collection
Medieval FableOil on canvas202116"x20"Private collection